Powder Coating

MPR Powder Coating Services are here to offer Poole and Bournemouth businesses the highest quality finish that is decorative as well as protective. Please keep reading below to find out more about all of the benefits that powder coating can bring you.

Excellent Durability

Powder coating is an advanced method that private consumers as well as manufacturers can utilise to get a finish that is protective and visually appealing. The high quality powder used by MPR Powder Coating Services contains fine pigment particles and resin.

This substance will be sprayed onto the surface to be coated. The particles will adhere to the surfaces until the powder is heated. During the heating process in the curing oven, the particles will fuse into a smooth coating. The finish offered by MPR Powder Coating Services will be perfectly uniform and highly attractive. Powder coating has become increasingly popular in recent years as an industrial finishing application and it’s easy to see why.

Our powder coating solutions really give you the most comprehensive solution available when looking for a durable colour finish. This is due to its cost-effectiveness, proven durability, and obvious visual appeal. These surfaces will also offer great resistance against scratching, chipping, and general wearing. The colours will stay vibrant for a very long time and you will have an excellent selection of shades to choose from.

You will have a wide choice of different finishes to pick from as well. From smooth surfaces and wrinkled options to matte finishes and rough textures, we will have the right option available for you regardless of requirement.

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There are numerous industries that benefit from our impressive powder coating solutions. If you require our services for something that isn’t listed below, give us a call and we will discuss your request.


The automotive industry uses powder coating solutions on many parts including wheels, bumpers, door handles, and radiators as well as filters. Numerous manufacturers, including BMW and Volvo, have been using a clear powder topcoat for protecting some of their new models.


Fascias, soffits, window frames, doors, signs, posts, fencing. The list goes on and on – MPR Powder Coating Services are here to offer the building industry the finest product on the market.

Other Products

There are numerous everyday products that benefit from powder coating. This includes garden furniture and lighting fixtures within private properties. Shopkeepers will benefit from powder coated shelves and display units. People working within an office building can use powder coated metal furniture and filing cabinets. The options are endless with our high quality solutions.

Environmentally Friendly

The powder coatings used by MPR Powder Coating Services are of the highest quality. As a company, we believe in protecting the environment, so you can rest assured knowing that our products are eco-friendly and reliable.

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